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Russia's YotaPhone targets Chinese 'trend setters'


The dual-screen phone maker has surprised the Chinese market amid cut-throat competition and its founder tells more in an exclusive interview.

Global powers need more mutual trust, Karzai says


Hamid Karzai, former president of Afghanistan, says the world is suffering because of a lack of trust between the major powers of the world.

Inner Mongolia building cross-border e-commerce platforms


Inner Mongolia Morning Daily reported on April 20 that the Inner Mongolia autonomous region has built five cross-border e-commerce platforms that have already gone into operation, and is constructing another five to be put online later this year.

Beijing fair to promote cross-border e-commerce


When the city of Beijing holds its 4th China International Fair for Trade in Services at the National Convention Center, May 28 - June 1 it will have an e-commerce meeting that focuses on innovation, the ecology and a shared economy.

International beef and mutton meeting in Baotou mid-year


Beijing held a press conference, on April 18, to announce the upcoming 3rd China International Beef and Mutton Industry Meeting and the 5th China-Russia-Mongolia Food Festival in the city of Baotou, Inner Mongolia, running July 8 – 12.

Intl fair's cultural trade section to help finance projects


The cultural trade section of the fourth China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, to be held from May 28 to June 1, will promote international cultural cooperation and financing.

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