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Driving industrial base through Internet Plus
(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2015-09-01

Jilin province now has 2,700 enterprises registered on Alibaba's e-commerce platform1688.com, and more than 800 companies cooperate with the search engine developer Baidu Inc, showcasing its information industry strength, according to Jilin authorities.

Driving industrial base through Internet Plus

An Internet Plus Technology experience hall is set in the tenth China-Northeast Asia Expo. [Photo by Ding Luyang/China Daily]

Jilin held the Internet Economic Forum in Changchun, the capital city, on Aug 31, where experts in the fields of information and industry are present to discuss how the province can accelerate its industrial development by making full use of the country’s “Internet Plus” strategy.

Jilin can pay more attention to growth of the rural e-commerce industry since it is a major agricultural province and has ample resources support the development of the sector, said Ning Jiajun, director of the Experts Committee of the State Information Center.

Driving industrial base through Internet Plus

The Internet Economic Forum is held in Changchun, Jilin province on August 31. [Photo/365jilin.com]

Ning also said he found an APP which is designed by a company in Beijing and can trace people’s electrocardiogram through a wire connecting to one’s chest. If an elderly person suffered paroxysmal diseases, the person may be rescued in a timely manner since the electrocardiogram can be sent to his or her families or community doctors.

That’s an example of the services the Internet could provide, Ning said.

Yang Haicheng, chief engineer of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, said at the forum that the Internet enables Jilin to better allocate its resources.

As part of the 10th China Northeast Asia Expo (CNEA Expo), held from Sept 1 to 6 in Changchun, the Internet forum is co-hosted by People’s Government of Jilin and the China Electronic Commerce Association.

“You can image, where are the designers, the salesmen and the customers? They are all on the Internet. That's what ‘Internet Plus’ means,” said Wang Jianwei, an official from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information.



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