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Changchun World Sculpture Park
(cneaexpo.org) Updated: 2015-08-28

The World Sculpture Park integrates natural scenery with cultural attractions over an area of 92 hectares.

Its theme, “Friendship, Peace and Spring”, is highlighted by eastern and western cultures, including the traditional and modern Chinese arts. Inside the park, the Changchun international sculpture exhibition collects more than 400 works from 212 countries and regions.

Varied in material and style, these sculptures depict Eskimo, Maya, Maori, India and eastern cultures. Every sculpture, whether realistic or abstract, modern or postmodern, reflects the park’s spirit of inclusiveness. As a world sculpture garden, the park will continue to shine in China and abroad.

Changchun World Sculpture Park

The theme sculpture “Friendship, Peace and Spring”

Changchun World Sculpture Park

The Changchun World Sculpture Park

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