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The South Lake Hotel (Nanhu Hotel)
(cneaexpo.org) Updated: 2015-08-19

Since its establishment in 1960, the South Lake Hotel has been an important venue for government events, foreign affairs, business, leisure and tourism.

It has received many heads of states from China and other countries. Adjacent to Changchun's South Lake, the hotel covers a total area of 860,000 square meters and a floor area of 130,000 sq m, known as "a hotel in a city forest".

The South Lake Hotel is equipped with diversified facilities, including ten reception buildings of different architectural styles and unique decorations, two comprehensive reception buildings, 35 foreign expert villas, and two apartment-buildings with over 600 guest rooms and 27 meeting rooms.

There are also 40 dining and banquet halls, a multifunctional sports center, swimming pools, billiards rooms, tennis hall, gymnasium, table tennis hall, and other facilities.

The South Lake Hotel (Nanhu Hotel)
Guest room of the South Lake Hotel [Provided to cneaexpo.org]

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