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Republic of Korea
(cneaexpo.org) Updated: 2015-08-19

Republic of Korea

The Republic of Korea (ROK) is in the southern partof the Korean Peninsula in East Asia, sharing oversea borders with the Sea of Japan to the east and China’s Shandong province to the west.

It has a population of about 50 million, and Korean is the lingua franca in South Korea. Its religions are Buddhism and Christianity. Its topography is higher to the northeast and lower to the southwest, with mountains covering about 70 percent of its land.

It has a temperate monsoon climate. The country has one special city, nine provinces and six metropolitan areas, with Seoul as the capital. Its national flag is the Taegukgi and its national flower, the hibiscus.

Its main industries are manufacturing and services, with shipbuilding, automobiles, electronics, steel and textiles ranking among the Top 10 worldwide.

The ROK also has a thriving tourism industry because of its scenery and cultural and historical sites.

Republic of Korea

N Seoul Tower of the Republic of Korea (ROK) [Photo provided to cneaexpo.org]

Republic of Korea

Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, Republic of Korea (ROK) [Photo provided to cneaexpo.org]

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