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Russian Federation
(cneaexpo.org) Updated: 2015-08-19

Russian Federation
Russia is located to the east of Europe and the north of Asia, with the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea to the west and covering Eurasia, with an area of more than 17 million square kilometers, making it the largest territory in the world.

It consists of 83 federal territorial units, with 21 republics, 46 oblasts, two special administrative cities, one autonomous oblast and four autonomous regions.

Most of the country is in the northern temperate zone, with a varied, but mainly continental climate. The capital is Moscow; the national anthem is the “Anthem of the Russian Federation”; and the national flower is the sunflower.

It has a population of 143.3 million (2012 census) and an abundance of natural resources. Its forest coverage is 880 million hectares, or 51 percent of the territory, ranking first in the world.

It has a solid industrial foundation in many sectors, such as machinery, steel, metallurgy, petroleum, natural gas, coal, forestry and chemicals. Its GDP surpassed $2 trillion in 2012.

Russian Federation

Red Square in the center of Moscow, Russia [Photo provided to cenaexpo.org]

Russian Federation

A picturesque Russia  [Photo provided to cenaexpo.org]

Russian Federation

Natural scenery and buildings in Russia  [Photo provided to cenaexpo.org]

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